Code of conduct


Software Architecture Day Iasi is an event organized by the Libero Events agency.

Participation fee
All participants must register before the event and pay the participation fee before it. Payment of the participation fee is made according to the data on the bill sent by the organizer.


2. Cancellation policy
In case of cancellation, the Libero Events organizer must be notified in writing via e-mail to Upon cancellation of the participation at least 7 days before the event date, the participation fee will be refunded, less a management fee of 5% of the participation fee at Software Architecture Day Timisoara.
Upon cancellation of the participation less than 7 days until the date of the event and the non-presenting, regardless of cause, results in the complete loss of the participation fee!
Participants must ensure that they have received a confirmation of cancellation by the organizer. The confirmation email will ensure that the cancellation request has been received and processed.


3. Liability
Libero Events reserves the right to modify the event schedule, if applicable. Libero Events does not accept liability for damages of any kind suffered by the participants, loss or damage to personal property as a result of participation in portfolio events or related events.
In the event of unforeseen circumstances, Libero Events shall not be liable for material or financial losses suffered by participants. Participants are required to make their own arrangements for transportation, accommodation, medical insurance to attend the event.


4. Personal Assurance
Libero Events is not responsible for medical assistance, dental and ambulance services during its conferences or events. Therefore, Libero Events and local co-organizers do not assume responsibility for personal injury, death, loss or damage to participants’ property or any other cause of this kind.


5. Private information
The information provided in the registration form (name, surname, institution, telephone number, home address, mailing address) will be incorporated into a participant database. These details can be made available to the parties directly associated with the event.
Libero Events may use these details to inform by email / telephone the current participants about future editions of the event mentioned above. Participants have the right to ask not to receive this information.

If you have any questions regarding the Terms and Conditions or the protection of personal data, please contact us:

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